Divadlo Workshop

Initiating engagement in object theatre

Praha nebo Online

Dafa Puppet Theater

The object animation represents the heart of the puppet theatre. Participants will discover genuine connections as they explore animation with found objects from their environment, and not just. In this exciting workshop, the children will bring objects to life with their own hands, hearts, and eager eyes. They will create situations, tableaux, and texts by using lovely animation, puppetry, storytelling and music. The creative process is tactile and fun. We will carefully collect found materials, personal stories, memories or objects, poetry, news, and photos to explore distinct themes that concern workshop participants.

Délka programu: 90 minut

Kapacita: 30 dětí

Cena: 3000 Kč/workshop

Kde: u vás ve škole v Praze nebo online kdekoliv

Objednání programu: dafapuppettheater@gmail.com | 733 676 141

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